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Submitted on
May 22, 2004
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It surrounds the earth,
clouding our vision.
Keeping us from seeing
the positive side of things.
It controls our thoughts
and emotions alike. It lives
in everyone, no matter how
good their life. You can try
to run, for it does not chase.
But no matter how fast
or far you run, it
always catches up.

It does not run or fly, nor
does it swim. But for some
reason it always finds you.
It haunts you for all the
days you live.

By: Stephen Morgan
This poem is about the way depression is and how it acts on people.
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RainbowFay Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
When I flashback on my past, I usually become depressed. Your poem describes clearly well that depression does make me or anyone not see the positive things.
Undead-Overlord Featured By Owner May 20, 2006
I am trapped in depression right now... this poem perfectly describes it
Lt-Sivar Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2006
Thank you for the favorite. It has been a long time since I have been on here, lol... sorry it has taken so long to respond to your comment.
jarz Featured By Owner May 16, 2006
i like this poem it really describes depression well
Lt-Sivar Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2006
Sorry I have taken so long to respond, I appreciate your input on my poem.
jarz Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2006
thats okay and no problems :)
yonmekexx Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2004
gee, thats how i feel right now...
you have a real good way of expressing things, dude. I really like your work a lot. :D
Lt-Sivar Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2004
thanx, most of the time its real hard for me to express my feelings in poetry... well, in any form because i used to just beat them into a wall or something...
Pancho-the-lizard Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2004
Alot of us are and hide it
Pancho-the-lizard Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2004
This poem really shows how a lot of us are depressed and its very hard not to be. . .
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